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Legal Services

Fast and Understandable Legal Advice for SMEs

At ETL Accountants & Advisors, our legal advisors are on hand to support SME entrepreneurs. Whether it concerns employment law, corporate law, or issues with customers or suppliers, we’ve got it covered.

We specialize in providing legal advice to SMEs across various industries such as trade, medical, hospitality, construction, and e-commerce. Our services include drafting contracts and addressing or even preventing legal disputes and challenges.

Our expertise also spans corporate law, including employment law, tenancy law, and company law. We have extensive experience in mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships.

Importantly, the hourly rates of our corporate lawyers are significantly more affordable than those of typical attorneys!

We can assist you with a wide range of legal matters, including:

  • Employment Law: Employment contracts, dismissal procedures, termination agreements.
  • Tenancy Law: Lease agreements, tenancy procedures.
  • Corporate Law: Guidance, structuring, and establishment of companies, shareholder agreements, partnerships, purchase agreements for shares or assets/liabilities, mergers and acquisitions, management agreements, executive employment contracts, loan and current account agreements, liquidation and dissolution of legal entities.
  • General Legal Needs: Purchase, confidentiality, franchise, secondment, consignment, agency, freelance, annuity, licensing, lien, surety, sponsorship agreements, terms and conditions, and contracts and debt assignments.

This comprehensive legal support is aimed at ensuring that your business operations are not only compliant but also optimally structured to avoid future legal issues.


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