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Dedicated, independent and together

Working at ETL

Do you want to work with colleagues who believe in local entrepreneurship and who consider cohesiveness important? Meet our ETL family.

More and more accountants, accounting consultants, tax advisors and financial specialists are choosing us. We have grown from dozens of pioneers to hundreds of enthusiastic employees.

They share their passion to help entrepreneurs do business without worries, the red carpet for growth and flourishing. They fill their role throughout the region, in every corner of society. You will find them in our independent ETL offices.

We know the issues and preferences of local entrepreneurs. Because entrepreneurs are also at the helm of our ETL offices. They have a heart for their business, knowledge of their customers and an eye for you as an employee. They know how to link customer questions to opportunities for you.

There is plenty of room for you here. In the coming years, we will expand in the region. We help you practise your profession with the appropriate conviction, professionalism and responsibility. Always with the human dimension first. Because we do not only want your commitment, we also want to give energy. With us, you never get the feeling that have finished learning.

You work independently, close to the client, and inspire the team around you with your knowledge, experience and vision. Sometimes, you work with colleagues from other ETL offices. Even internationally, because your thousands of foreign colleagues in dozens of countries are also committed to entrepreneurship in the region.

“We work hard, but in a great atmosphere, with a lot of attention to the human side.  

Each office has its own culture and character, locally but with the possibilities of a large international group.”

We are happy to welcome you to our ETL family!

Get to know our ETL colleagues.

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